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Career Counseling is a lifelong process since the individual choose an occupation, prepare for it, and make progress in it. Career Counseling has to do with knowing their interest, selection of their subject, formation of their study habit and make them progress in those subject and activities and attain the ultimate aim of getting good career as per their wish. It is concerned primarily with helping the individual to make decisions and choices involved in planning for future and to form career decisions and choice necessary in affecting career adjustment. Career counselling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help to understand oneself, explore career options, and clarify and attain desired career goals. The processes of career counselling offer insight, guidance and support to help students to understand and manage different career and lifestyle issues. Jones et al. (1970) proposed that the following five assumptions underlie the trait-factor conception of vocational development:
⇛ • Vocational development is largely a cognitive process in which the individual uses reasoning to arrive at his decision
⇛ • Occupational choice is a single event
⇛ • There is a single right goal for everyone making decisions about work.
⇛ • A single type of person works in each job.
⇛ • There is an occupational choice available to each individual

The concept of an entrepreneur is refined when principles and terms from a business, managerial, and personal perspective are considered. In almost all of the definitions of entrepreneurship, there is agreement that we are talking about a kind of behavior that includes:
⇛ • initiative taking,
⇛ • the organizing and reorganizing of social and economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations to practical account and
⇛ • Acceptance of risk or failure.

To an economist, an entrepreneur is one who brings resources, labour, materials, and other assets into combinations that make their value greater than before, and also one who introduces changes, innovations, and a new order. To a psychologist, such a person is typically driven by certain forces; the need to obtain or attain something, to experiment, to accomplish, or perhaps to escape the authority of others. To one businessman, an entrepreneur appears as a threat, an aggressive competitor, whereas to another businessman the same entrepreneur may be an ally, a source of supply, a customer, or someone who creates wealth for others, as well as finds better ways to utilize resources, reduce waste, and produce jobs others are glad to get.

A center of Career Guidance and Value Education has been set up in the College in 2001 to guide the students in the field of competitive examinations and to help them who seek guidance about their career prospects after completion of graduation. Besides, the Cell also organizes job- oriented coaching classes for appearing UPSC and APPSC and other public-private sector examinations. The Remedial Coaching classes are organized for the interested students to do well in the examination

Coordinator: Mrs.Pema Choden, Assistant Professor, Economics.

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